Rights of Light

Brendan's in-depth knowledge of this issue means he can provide advice to private clients, developers and corporate bodies who are seeking an initial appraisal or specific advice where there has been an infringement of their rights of light.

For developers, Fulwood Surveying Services Ltd can offer strategic advice at an early stage in order to reduce the potential risk of an infringement to an adjoining owner's right of light, particularly likely where the proposed development is within a tight city centre.

For an adjoining owner such as a home owner who is concerned that their right of light may be affected by a redevelopment or alternation to an existing building, Fulwood Surveying Services Ltd can offer rights of light advice and arbitration.

The nature of rights of light work means that our clients cannot be identified; however, Brendan has given rights of light advice on projects ranging from large City Centre developments to small domestic extensions.

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