Site Surveys

In addition to the core services of Rights of Light, Party Walls and Neighbourly Matters, Fulwood Surveying Services Ltd can offer the following services:

  • Condition and Site Surveys
  • Boundary Dispute Resolution Issues

Pre-development assessments of boundary conditions and neighbourly issues can be a vital component within a development appraisal. We are regularly asked to carry out pre-development assessments to ensure that developers and their professional team have a full understanding of the issues likely to arise and associated costs. Pre-development assessments can also impact upon the final design and therefore need to be carried out at an early stage.

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 incorporates a statutory procedure to regulate building works close to the boundary. However, in many instances building works do not fall under the 1996 Act and therefore can lead to disputes. For example, works may have been carried out that cause a trespass or there is disagreement over the position of the boundary. Trees and hedges can also be the subject of disputes. We have experience dealing with a wide range of boundary dispute issues.

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